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Fixed Price Servicing

Here at Van Doctors we operate a simple fixed price matrix for servicing based on your vehicle’s engine size and oil requirements. The prices below include all parts and labour. We will always use an oil equivalent to the manufacturer's specification.

Engine Size Semi Synthetic Oil Fully Synthetic Oil Low Ash Oil
Interim Major Interim Major Interim Major
Up to 1800cc £79.00 £139.00 £94.00 £149.00 £104.00 £159.00
1800cc & Above £104.00 £159.00 £114.00 £174.00 £124.00 £184.00

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M.O.T Prices

Vehicle Class M.O.T Cost
Class 4 £35.00
Class 7 £50.00

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Fixed Price Brake Works

Like servicing, we operate a fixed price matrix for all brake works. These are based on individual vehicle makes and models. Below are fixed prices for our most popular vehicles and all include parts and labour*.

Vehicle Make & Model Brake Pad Change (Front or Rear) Brake Disc Change (Front or Rear)
Ford Transit £80.00 £180.00
Renault Kangoo £75.00 £120.00
Ford Fiesta Van £80.00 £120.00
Citroen Berlingo £75.00 £120.00
Renault Trafic £80.00 £180.00
Peugeot Partner £75.00 £120.00

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* Excluding Brake Discs that include Wheel Bearings, Disc and Drum Combinations, Wear Sensors or Electronic Hand Brakes.

All Prices Published On This Page Are Subject To VAT At Applicable Rate

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